Give Your Body What it Needs - Movement Breaks!

office syndrome stretchingOur WORKFIT Online Movement Programme is an easy solution that will solve your sitting dilemma and allow to create healthy digital work practices. Research shows that if you take movement breaks throughout your day, ideally every 30-minutes and at least every 90-minutes, you can boost your circulation as well as stretch and strengthen your body. Boosting your immune system and improving your posture and fitness.

You will be able to tailor your movement programme to your needs with our 5-part WORKFIT training module which we recommend you complete over 5 weeks so you build your movement habit up from two to eight movement breaks every day (16-minutes of exercise).

We also recommend a full break away from your workplace completely with a brisk 10 to15-minute walk at lunch as part of your WORKFIT Online programme. This not only gives you your 30-minutes of exercise, that all adults between 18-65 require to maintain wellbeing, but also assists your ability to destress by taking a sensory break from your work.

So if you want to live long and well, enjoying your health, friends and family then you want WORKFIT Online! Just click on SIGN UP and make your life better, a little every day! 

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