Why You Are Moving Less than Ever!

office syndrome joint painEven office jobs before the digital age used to be more active, from physically filing stuff to getting up and talking to people. Dunstan says most people feel they don’t have a choice when it comes to their workplace.

“Their options throughout the day are to sit or to sit”

“Humans are designed for an unstable outdoor environment in which we’re in more or less constant motion.”

“We just created a world where you are scrunched up in a chair the whole day. I mean it’s just bizarre.” says Schofield.

Research shows that on average most of us are sitting between 11 to 16 hours per day. This is true for younger generation as well with the prolonged use of digital devices.

The scary part is that biologically you build up your bone density stores through resistance exercise (jumping, climbing and stretching etc.) from birth to the age of thirty. That constant motion throughout the day and resistance exercise is just not happening for most young people today.