Our WORKFIT Solutions - Move to Thrive from 9 to 5 and Beyond!


A 50-minute interactive wellbeing online workshop where you and your team create a personal work/life balance and self-care action plan. You will identify what you currently do and what you would like to be doing and make one sustainable change. You will learn what is happening to your body when you are sitting and how with easy movement you can counter these issues with WORKFIT 2-Minute Movement breaks that fit with your work flow.

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Membership access to your WORKFIT Online movement programme. Over 5-week period you and your team will integrate easy movement and breathing techniques to boost circulation, strengthen weakened muscles and stretch out tightened muscles caused from continual sitting or standing.  Membership videos support your regular 2-minute movement breaks throughout the day in a fun, relaxed way which enables mental and physical recovery and boosts your productivity.


Next Steps:
  • Perfect for teams of all sizes from an individual to a large organisation
  • Book a WORKFIT START Online Wellbeing workshop with Leia
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We will show you how easy it is to regularly stretch and strengthen throughout your day!