What separates us from Artificial Intelligence?

Recently, I participated in an IMNZ Future of Work Series that talked about the imminent Artificial Intelligence that is going to become more prevalent in the workforce. I was surprised to hear that they didn’t talk about AI at all, rather the importance of being Human. It was said that our humanity is our point of difference to these systems.

Our Humanity is what separates us from AI

Relationships with people are what make the difference when Artificial Intelligence becomes more common in the workplace. We must focus on developing our human connections.

Showing your vulnerability in relationships shows authenticity

Leading with authenticity, showing your own vulnerability could be just as important to us not only as leaders in business but also as leaders of our families with our children who are more and more involved in these technologies. Showing our vulnerability is a way to remind them that we are still human. Also, be aware of your unconscious bias. An unconscious bias is a belief system that is adopted at a stage in your development where you put everyone into boxes. Not just you, but me and everyone else, we all do it at some point in our lives.

Unconcsious Bias affects our behavior towards certain demographics

I once went to hear a woman talk about cosmetics where she said that we all make up to 10 judgements about a person in the first minute that we meet them. So, Ask yourself what you believe about a certain demographic and look at your behavior with that group. Through awareness you can modify your judgement to be more positive, and as such manage your unconscious bias. Through changing your actions and thoughts you can change your relationships with others.

When Trust Banks are full giving difficult feedback to others goes smoother

Building trust and filling the trust bank with others is also very important, so that when you have a difficult conversation with someone, they won’t feel beaten down.  First them up and create a trusting relationship, this will make that conversation go so much smoother. Making deposits in the trust bank is as important in your personal relationships with family and friends. Think about how you want that person to feel after they hear your feedback. With the end in mind the conversation usually goes smoother for the person who is receiving the feedback.

This advice spills over into our personal relationships.

Having a tough time with your teenager or your significant other? First build them up, tell them good things. What you love about them, how much you love them and then when it’s time to have that difficult conversation it will happen in a safe space because you first filled up their trust bank.  

Mental Health is also a health and safety issue

The panel of speakers also mentioned that with today’s more sedentary workplaces, mental health is become more of an issue than ever. It was said that today in the sedentary workplace mental health is a Health a safety issue. Taking more care of yourself, being mindful to take breaks to rest your mind while moving your body, are vital.

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