Reduce absenteeism

Daily movement improves circulation and activates your metabolic system boosting your immunity

Invest in the wellbeing of your employees, not only values them but helps lower the risk of chronic disease or injuries. These reduce your costs by reducing absenteeism in your workplace. Moving our bodies regularly assists in mental focus and resilience. Busy, stressful times at work are handled better when we are moving, eating well, getting sufficient rest and using mindfulness as a daily routine. Future centered businesses plan to make the workplace an aspirational place to be, reduce stress and create a calm environment for employees. This long term focus can enhance the productivity of the work team in addition to creating a health orientated corporate culture! Employers gain from having employees that are healthy. Employees benefit from having the assistance to address and keep personal wellness and health. Those who are healthy miss fewer days of work, companies can significantly reduce absenteeism simply by getting individuals to stand up; stretch, strengthen and breathe! These healthful customs may also be carried over into the home life. Thus promoting healthier families and workers that are less likely to lose work to care for sick family members.